Medical Malpractice Overview

Complex nature of errors in healthcare

Medical errors are frequently related to multiple factors resulting in poor outcomes in clinical care

Professional negligence

Healthcare system breakdowns

Use of electronic medical record systems

Delays in Diagnosis and Treatment

Cancer - Breast, Colon, Lung and other cancers

Life Threatening Conditions - Acute coronary syndromes, Pulmonary embolus, Stroke

Procedure complications

Improper pre-operative evaluation of patients

Negligent performance of procedures

Lapses in post-operative care

Discontinuities in care

Failures in follow-up of medical conditions

Poor communication and tracking of test results

Improper monitoring of high risk conditions and medications

Understanding Hospital vs Ambulatory Care

Various healthcare care settings  and transitions of care require unique processes and pose unique challenges in the coordinated delivery of medical care.

Comprehensive case analysis requires understanding of the care cycle and industry standards for these healthcare delivery processes