Medical Record Reviews and Analysis

A medical legal consultation service

Comprehensive medical record reviews and analysis

Standard of care evaluations

Medical expert opinions and testimony

Peer Reviews

Utilization review and medical necessity analysis

Cause of death determinations

Disability evaluations

Healthcare Risk Management assessments and education

Comprehensive case review and analysis

Fair, Balanced and Evidence Based, 

Institutional, Defense, Plaintiff, Insurer or Peer Review

Critical early case reviews and opinions on medical care provided

Creation of timeline of care cycle

Idenify key points in decision making and medical care

Determine appropriate standard of care and consider deviations

Assistance with litigation strategy development and evolution

Reduce costs related to organizing voluminous medical records and unnecessary expert opinions

Your In-House Medical Counsultant

Close collaborative support from practicing expert in clinical medicine

Former President/CEO of successful med mal insurance company NYC

Actively practicing physician in both primary and specialty care

Reviews include professional liability, quality of care, disability, medical necessity, peer review

Collaborative relationship focused on your success

Value based service focused on containing  expenses

National/International Speaker on Healthcare Risk Management

Patient safety and healthscare risk management services

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