Comprehensive Medical Record Reviews and Analysis

Initial Case Review

Critical early assessment of case file

Organize and index records and identify need for additional or missing information

Create timeline of care with identification of important points in care and treatment

Consider strengths and weaknesses

Customized reports highlighting key points and addressing specific questions

Standard of Care Evaluation

Fair and balanced for defense or plaintiff, insurers hospital systems

Review of diagnostic and treatment approach 

Determine evidence based standard of care and compare and contrast to case file

Identify deviations with rationale

Cause of death assessment

Litigation Support

Assist with initial litigation strategy

Follow-up support and analysis as case evolves

Assistance with witness preparation

Expert testimony

Value based service focused on containing expenses

Efficient, cost effective analysis to support your strategic decision making

Early assessment of deviations from standard of care

Clinical assessment of injuries including severity, prognosis and future treatment

Guidance on appropriate utilization of costly expert opinions